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10+2, Co-ed, Fully Residential School, Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, Affl. No. 230048


Parents must intimate the School Office immediately if there is any change of address of correspondence or there is a change in their telephone contact number.

JOINING SCHOOL AT EACH TERM All the students must join the school on the notified day and time at the beginning of each term. Similarly, a student may not leave before the end of the term. The date of leaving /reporting will be given on the academic schedule of that academic year. For reporting late, a fine of Rs.100/- per day of absence will be imposed, unless the Principal is informed and he is satisfied with the reason for arriving late.

VISITORS No other visitor, except the child’s local guardian, will be permitted to meet a student. Local guardians (possessing identity cards issued by the school) will be permitted to meet their wards or take them out of the school campus. Relatives /friends wishing to see a child will be required to produce a written request from the parents. The school gate will permit visitors (parents/ guardians) inside the school campus only during the meeting time period. All visitors are requested to be seated in the Reception and not go beyond the specified point as earmarked Parents/ guardians are requested to come with suitable Identity cards. They are requested to be accompanied by maximum of 2-3 individuals only, with proper identifications.

MEDICAL In special cases, if the child has to be admitted to a Nursing Home or taken to Specialized Doctors, the cost of the treatment must be paid by the parents. In case of accidental injuries too, parents are expected to pay the fees charged by the hospital. The medical form, available in the Admission Form to be duly completed and given to the office. Students using spectacles should bring one additional pair and deposit it, along with the prescription, with the Infirmary.

PUNISHMENT Students may be punish for untidiness, unpunctuality, indecent dress, bad behaviour, wasting food, misbehaviour towards elders, abusive language or breach of any other house/school rules. Punishments will be imposed on a child by the teacher as a corrective measure and not to humiliate a child. The school will follow that – “A word of caution is a much better way than punishing students mindlessly”. The punishment will be appropriate keeping in mind the nature of the offence.

MISCELLANEOUS Classrooms must be kept clean. Desks, text books and exercise books must not be defaced in any way. Desks and book shelves must be kept tidy. All lights/fans should be switched off when there is nobody in the classroom/dormitory. Complete silence must be maintained during prep time. No movement between prep rooms is permitted during prep hours. Any damage to school property must be immediately reported to the school authorities. The charges deducted from the student’s pocket money will depend on the circumstances and nature of the damage. Any unclaimed article found on the school campus must be deposited with the Vice Principal. Watching TV will be permitted according to the schedule indicated in the school routine. Parents may ask the school authority for their children’s birthday celebration, a week before the birthday. Payments should be made by cash only, in advance. Necessary eatables will be procured and distributed by the school authorities. Students may need to participate in various competitions/tournaments etc outside the city and the parents have to bear the charges for the necessary traveling and other expenses. No interference with electric installations is permitted. No student shall keep matches, lighter, agarbattis, knives, any sharp tools etc. No student is permitted to inflict any atrocities, physical or mental torture of any kind or hold any threat on other students. No student is permitted to take /borrow either by force, or by request, any personal articles from any student. Any student either assigning tasks or doing tasks for another student is liable to be severely punished. No student is permitted to hit/beat any other student. Use of foul or abusive language is considered to be a serious offence.



1. ATTENTION TO CIRCULARS: Parents are requested to read carefully and take suitable action to all the circulars issued by the school from time to time.

2. DISCIPLINE OF CHILDREN: Improper conduct reflecting character, persistent irregularity, continual neglect of studies, disobedience, insubordination and disrespect towards any staff member, malpractice at tests and examination, thieving, money collection, immoral behaviour, smoking, chewing gutkas, use of drugs and liquor, bullying / ragging, willful damage of school property and such like offences are punishable by expulsion.

3. CHILDREN PARTICIPATION IN OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: The school encourages all children to participate in various activities such as games and sports, trekking, excursion, etc. While every precaution is taken to render these activities safe, the school does not accept responsibility for any unfortunate accident that might occur. Parents are therefore asked to sign a declaration in this regard.

4. CORRESPONDENCE: All letters concerning children, except those of a personal nature, should be addressed to the “Principal” by designation. It will be great help if parents mention the class and section of the child.

5. FEE PAYMENT: Fee payment norms and schedule of payment should be done as given in the separate leaflet of Fee Structure for the academic session.

6. TELEPHONE: Parents may call their children on telephone once a month. For students till Class VII, parents may call on the 01 st and 03 rd Sunday of every month ( 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.). For students from Class VIII to XII, parents may call on the 02 nd and 04 th Sunday of every month ( 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.). Please do not call on other days to avoid inconvenience.

7. VISIT TO THE SCHOOL: All parents / guardians are requested to visit the school to meet their wards on scheduled day(s) and time as specified. Parents/Local guardians may visit their children/wards once a month, on 2 nd Saturday ( 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.) or on 2 nd Sunday ( 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., except during Lunch Time i.e.1 p.m. - 3 p.m.). As too frequent visits by parents/local guardians tend to upset the children and affect their progress, so parents/local guardians are kindly requested not to visit on other days of the month, except on 2 nd Saturday / Sunday of every month. Parents are welcome to call on the Principal in his office by appointment (between 9 a.m. to 12 noon). Parents are requested to attend the Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM), whenever scheduled, and interact with the concerned subject(s) and the class teacher. Parents are requested not to enter the children’s dormitories without the permission of the Principal /Vice-Principal. Only local guardians, as nominated by parents are permitted to see the children or to take them out of school campus Relatives /friends wishing to see a child will be required to produce a written request from the parents.

8. FOODThe school provides a balanced diet. Parents are requested not to bring / send food parcels to their children. However, fruits may be given to their wards, during the scheduled meeting days.

9. VALUABLEChildren are not allowed to bring any valuable article such as expensive cameras, jewellery, costly watches, cassettes players etc. with them. Children up to Class 5 are not allowed wrist watches in school.

10. LETTERS AND REPORT: Term Exam wise reports about the child’s academic progress will be available in the school during the PTM. Parents / guardians are requested to sign the progress card during the PMT.

11. PRIVATE TUITIONS: There are no facilities for private tuition in the school. However, children who are weak in a particular subject are given extra tutorial help by way of remedial classes.

12. FAMILY ISSUES: Parents are requested to be in touch with the counselor, should there be any special problem with regard to the child or the family. Strict confidentiality will be maintained.

The Principal will always welcome your suggestions, comments and opinions. Do feel free to write to her because not much can be achieved without parents co-operation and support.